Feminine Renaissance - New Monthly Offering 2020


New  Year’s  Resolution    -     Balance,  Renewal,  Passion

A monthly series in beautiful Napa Valley.  Each month a different topic on well being, spirituality and healing



“Love is not an emotion, it is your very existence” - Rumi

We are all One.  There are as many levels of creation both outside and inside of us.  All of the light of creation which encompasses healing lives in your Heart.

In Integrative Holistic Medicine we work with the mind, body, heart and spirit, recognizing that disease lives in all  levels of our being.

I specialize in Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, Endocrine Support, Women’s Health, Women’s Spirituality, Pain Management, Chronic long term illness, Stress, Fatigue, and more.

My practice is both clinical and spiritual. I use more than 25 years of training in holistic healing, combining Clinical Plant Medicine, 5 Element Chinese Medicine, Energetic and Spiritual Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine, Unani Tibb, Sufi Healing, Huichol and Mayan medicine. 

Being an Intuitive/Seer I use these gifts  in my Spiritual and Energetic healing  work.  As a Sufi Healer I use healing  prayers to clear illness and disruptive energies. As a Curandera, Espiritu, having the gift of sight, I use traditional sacred herbs and healings when indicated.

I am committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools for you to be successful in your healing journey.

Speciality Services


Navigating Cancer with a Holistic Approach

We have all been touched by Cancer.  Having cancer more than once myself, I learned along the way all the many levels of healing that come up during the process.  I offer a holistic approach to add to your doctor’s recommendations.  Nutrition, diet, supplements and when and which ones can you do are important questions.  I guide my clients as to what is best for them regardless of where one is on this journey.  I also offer peaceful  end of life support.

Autoimmune Disease

What is Autoimmune disease?  It can manifest in the body in many ways. I help clients understand what is happening in their body and how it is all connected.  Understanding what the body is trying to do helps the client to approach his or her condition with knowledge and knowing they will get better, feel better and heal. 

Endocrine / Hormone Support

You don’t have to suffer from your hormones!!  Many women are unaware of their options.  No matter what your age, your cycle can and should be comfortable without medications or implants, like an IUD or HRT.  I offer a holistic approach to balance the body bringing vitality back.

Spiritual and Energetic Healing

Spiritual and Energetic Healing gives the client the best of the best.  As an intuitive, I find that these healings offer the client many benefits including seeing quicker healing results.   I have been taught sacred spiritual healings since childhood as a Curandera and have studied 25 years Sufi Spiritual Healing.  These sessions leave clients feeling renewed energy, rested and more peaceful.

PTSD, Chronic Pain, Stress and more

I am available to consult on many conditions, both medical and spiritual,  for both adults and children.  Please contact me directly with any questions.

The Healer Apothecary


Full line of herbal products for all your health needs

Herbal Teas, Tinctures

All herbal formulations are made with organic ingredients.  I harvest fresh plants and also source from organic farmers.  All tinctures are made in  glycerin unless ordered special for alcohol tincture

Sacred Herbs for Cleansing/Clearings

These are special one-of-a-kind baths to cleanse the body.  Ceremonial herbs are prepared for rituals and are available by special order.

Healing Oils

I offer fresh herbal oils from St. John’s Wort to Rose oil.  I make custom blends for all your health needs.  For my women,  I have a Rose oil combination that is  beautiful as a natural perfume.  It is made as an spray and very subtle.  Only  those close to you will smell its beautiful essence.  

Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are wonderful to help clear the mind, body, spirit and home.  Smudge sticks are wonderful gifts to lift the spirit. You can choose from a combination of herbs. I have traditional white sage, mugwort and lavender to name a few.  Special occasion bundles available for ceremonial work or try a small gift size for special occasions, weddings and parties.

Women’s Spirituality


What is your “Passion”?  Are you embodying and living your passion? Do you see yourself as the Divine feminine? We as women all carry a Divine Light.  Come dance in the light of the Soul with me!



Intuitive Energetic Medicine and Spiritual Healing, Sufi Spiritual Healing


Clinical Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Maya and Huichol Plant Medicine, Unani Tibb. Custom made herbal formulations


“Food as Medicine “ Using the Earth’s gifts to heal the body from the inside out

Curandera Espiritu


Traditional Healing of Maya and Huichol

As a Curandera, I use traditional sacred herbs for special healings.  Sobas - special massage work for pain and illness stuck in the body, Mayan Uterine massage and sacred herbal baths for all kinds of illness and/or disease.  


Education - Speaker

“I Will Come to Your Community”

Education, passing on the knowledge that has been passed down to me is very important.  Coming from an oral tradition of teaching, part of my healership is to give the medicine to anyone who is seeking the teachings of healing.

I am available to speak in your community, for your group, college or University.  I also offer all classes as webinars for ease to offer to all your participants. 

Practitioners,  I  AM  HERE  FOR  YOU!  These classes are designed around the needs of your group.  I teach to holistic/wellness clinics, spas and groups.  If you are looking to deepen your awareness in your healing work, understand what your feeling, how your moving energy, how to  strengthen your connection, I can help to guide and show you how to better understand and deepen your experience and that of your client.

Learn More

Let me know what your needs are to spread healing in your community!

      “When you say ”Yes” to healing .... Hope is ignited, Faith is strenghten and the journey begins”  NGR


Nazahah was born into a lineage of spiritual healers.  Her first teacher, her grandma Lily, was a traditional Curandera from Mexico. She was a Curandera Espiritu, Herbolaria.  Her grandmother began teaching her the plants and their healing properties as a child.  Her grandmother also recognized that Nazahah had the gift of ”sight”.  Her apprenticeship began as a young child. 

Nazahah’s ability to “see” lead to years of longing to know “why”.  “Why, how and what can I use this gift for.“  Nazahah’s health issues in her youth continued into adulthood leading her to look much deeper as to what was the cause of illness as her grandmother taught her.  Illness to Nazahah was always something about her soul, her spirit. That she knew even as a child.

She committed to follow in the steps of her ancestors and began studying spirituality, herbalism, energetic healing to mention a few.  She studied with Jerry Jampolsky and Louise Hays and is a facilitator in 'A Course of Miracles'.  She has studied with well known herbalists such as Rosemary Gladstar, Michael Moore, Rosita Arvigo for Mayan Uterine Massage and medicinal plants of the Maya, Elliot Cowan for Plant Spirit Medicine, and Jeannine Parvatti Baker for lay-midwifery.  She also has training in 5 Element Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and peaceful end of life transition. For the last 20 plus years she has studied Prophetic Medicine and Spiritual Healing with her spiritual guide who passed away in 2015. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

One of Nazahah’s passions is to teach and pass along the oral tradition given to her.  Nazahah teaches Women’s Spirituality, Women‘s Health, Plant Medicine and more.  She has taught at Holistic and Naturopathic colleges and speaks at health conferences.  She is available for private consultations, classes in healing, herbalism and lectures.  Please email for more information on coming to your city to teach!


Nazahah Reyes, CCH, CSMP

Napa Valley, California




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Monday - Saturday: By appointment

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